Want to know who I am? Just read below ;D

Hello there! My (full) name is Joshua Rouel L. Asuncion. I am nineteen years old and I was born in July ten, nineteen ninety-seven (July 10th, 1997). My nationality is Filipino and I am a college student who wished to take upon the course of animation because I want to express my imagination and creativity, and bring them to life. I live in Dubai with my family ever since I was a baby. My parents believe that Dubai was the place they were called to live in, but of course my family and I still miss Philippines. Even though I am a full-blooded Filipino, I still cannot speak my own language, Tagalog. I couldn’t speak Tagalog because when I was a kid, I had speech problems and I couldn’t even speak properly until I was six. The only one who was able to understand my gibberish was my elder sister. That’s why I was raised and thought only in English. My favorite food is shawarma because it has this exquisite taste that you can never let go and they are easy to buy from the streets (Also because i love how the chicken, fries and the garlic sauce are together wrapped in a bread). One of my favorite television shows is “Gravity Falls” because of the exciting, mysterious situations that the heroes face and it has a lot of fun characters that you will love and adore.  I’m learning animation in Dubai in the institute called the SAE institute. It’s a wonderful institute to study in. In ten years’ time, I may see myself as a freelance animator who may help in companies in need of commercial advertisements, an animator or a cartoonist who work in amazing animation studios such as Pixar or Dreamworks, or I may work on a series project for either Disney, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon in hopes that my project will receive its fandom.





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