My Working Space

When I think about my working space, I want a place where I can be very comfortable to work at. For example, I want to work or study in my room alone while listening to my music. The music I listen to for studying is not lyrical music, but usually background music whether instrumental or the beats of the sound. If I listen to lyrical music while studying, I can be distracted easily by the words or the lyrics the singers use. In fact, Leo Fuchigami said that, “Bad study music includes rap, pop, country and other genres that have clear vocals, because listening to human speech automatically interferes with the language processing part of your brain, which is important for most kinds of studying. Good study music uses synthetic, instrumental or natural sounds to help maintain your energy-level, without including distracting human speech” (Fuchigami, n.d.). When I work instead of studying, it doesn’t require me to concentrate that much so I usually listen to lyrical or non-lyrical music. I prefer fast and aggressive kind of music when I work because it gives me a motivating and aggressive mood to work. When I study, I listen to music that’s calm or tranquil. When I study or work in my room, for example, I will work with a normal table instead of my bed because whenever I use the bed, I tend to get comfortable and be very much relaxed to the point that I may accidently fall asleep and waste my precious time and moments of my work. I also prefer working in my room alone because I tend to be distracted by other people’s presence. It gives me the least distracting environment if I keep the others out (“Strategies for effective learning,” n.d.). If there are some things that I will like to improve in my work space, I will like to organize my room as well as my table to make it look cleaner and have more comfortable space for me to work in.



Just by looking at the table, you can see that it looks nice, clean, and comfortable to work in.

Mentally, I will like to take small breaks during my work so that I can rest, relax, and regain my focus before I continue my work and staying on schedule (Korkki, 2015).




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