The History of 3D Graphics

Over these past years, technology improved tremendously especially with animation as 3D graphics continue to improve. Long time ago, the making of 3D models were all crooked and stiff, and the animators weren’t able to improve or design what they desire due to the limitation of  3D modeling.

As time progressed, the new and improved 3D animated movie such as Toy Story in 1995 was released that time by Pixar, and soon the movie became a world phenomenal hit. It was the world’s first feature-length computer-animated film (Zorthian, 2015). Toy story has wonderful characters along with the designs of a proper 3D character. Because of Toy Story, marketing expanded and Pixar continued to make more 3D animated films. Pixar continues to become successful as the animators help develop a continuous series of 3D movies.




One of the animations that shook me and inspired me was Pixar’s first mature film called “Borrowed Time,” made by the animators, Lou Hamou-Lhadji and Andrew Coats. The story talked about a sheriff who was facing a state of regret due to the accident that he made towards his father (Makuch, 2016). The animation took a surprising dark turn when it revealed the true accident. I’m even surprised that Pixar would allow such film to exist, of course, it’s only a side project.



What I really also love is how the animators finally have the chance to show their creativity and create scenes that may even be impossible to perform in real life. I hope there will be more surprises as animations advance and improve.



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