What Type of Learner Am I?

From all the things that I study or do, I asked myself, what kind of learner am I? There are three general types of learning: Auditory learning, visual learning, and tactile learning.


An auditory learner is someone who takes in information or knowledge by listening or hearing things to enhance his or her understanding. An auditory learner remembers what he or she hears or says, remembers oral instructions well, and  understands any information he or she can hear (“Auditory Learner,” 2014). According to the website that I’ve taken, it says that I am fifteen percent auditory learner (“What’s your learning style? 20 questions,” 2011). That is actually true because I am quite forgetful after listening to the instructions. Whenever my parents instruct me to do something, I only listen to most instructions sometimes because whenever I do something, a vital part of instruction slips out of my mind, so I forget easily.


The website also told me that I am forty-five percent visual learner (“What’s your learning style? 20 questions,” 2011). The website I researched says that visual learners “prefer using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with others” (“The visual (spatial) learning style,” n.d.). Basically, visual learners remember or understand things when they see it. I definitely agree that I am mostly a visual learner because during my school time, I remember the lessons or the subjects whenever my teacher writes it down on the board. Just by looking at the information that my teacher covered, I keep the information in my mind and remember it very well. I also remember scenes from movies whenever I see something that makes an impact.


Finally, the website I took the test from says that I am forty percent tactile learner. A tactile learner is a person who learns, remembers, or understands by interacting or experiencing things that are new (Fleming, 2016). In other words, a tactile learner learns or understands by doing things that they didn’t do before. For example, as a tactile learner, I learn to play video games not through the instruction manual, but trying to play the game itself. I would press on every button of the controller to see how each functions. By discovering and experiencing the functions of the game, I was able to learn.



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