My Strengths and Weaknesses as a Learner

Upon taking the animation course as a learner, I have a couple of strengths and weaknesses. My general strength as a learner is that I am capable of memorizing or understanding the lectures or other things that’s written before me (visual learning).


In fact; whenever I write down for my speech, I look at the words and remember or even memorize them. Memorizing is actually a helpful way of remembering (“In praise of memorization: 10 proven brain benefits,” 2012). I think of ways to express the words for my upcoming speech, so once I get the words right, I enthusiastically express the words and stay confident in front of my audience.


My other strength as a learner is a bit of drawing. Whenever I draw though, I am able to draw and copy from any picture that I see. I can be able to look at the lines and see how they are positioned. I usually copy and draw cartoon characters or places since they are easy to draw and not hard to depict.


My weakness as a learner, however, is not being able to listen to every lecture or instruction given to me (auditory learning). I do listen to instructions, but my problem is not being able to listen to some vital parts. I follow most of the instructions, but forget some things that can be important. The reason why I’m not really good at listening is because I can easily be distracted or sidetracked by my own thoughts (which can be triggered from the one thing that the speaker said). That is when I usually lose track of the lecture during class.

My other weakness is being slow at the things that I do. For example, I am slow when it comes to thinking critically as well as thinking something creative. Speaking of creative, I usually have a hard time thinking of creative things when it comes to storytelling and drawing. I take time to think or brainstorm my own work.

In order to improve my listening, I need to clear my mind, relax, and avoid unnecessary interruptions (“Listening skills – the 10 principles of listening,” 2011), so I can be able to focus well upon the lectures. I also wish to read more books to improve my comprehension as well improving my creativity. I want to improve my drawing skills by taking drawing classes that will help me know the right techniques.

Whenever I’m learning, I can’t always rely on my basic knowledge. If I want to learn more, I can always look into my campus’ library and use their resources especially ebrary. Ebrary is one of the things that my campus uses for resources. It provides a digital library with tons of e-books. The search engine in the ebrary also allows to search up words or phrases that can be useful to include for the upcoming research. This is only when I need to gain more knowledge for any future works.



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