Moving Forward

Even though as a student taking upon the animation course, I have to also take upon the subject of “Critical Thinking in Creative Media (CIU110).” In this unit, the subject helps students expand their skills of thinking critically as well as analyzing and improving their self-reflective learning. This unit also helps students understand and be aware of the academic purpose of education through personal, societal, and professional viewpoint.


As a student, I ask myself on how I can be able to successfully complete this unit. Well first off, I can successfully complete CIU110 unit by following the home works and the assignments that’s been given to me. Every time I follow the assignments, it will help me improve and learn more of the topics discussed during class. In fact, homework is really effective for many students. It can help me understand the topic discussed during class, and it can help me practice over it. Of course, turning in the assignments at the right time will help me improve my grade (as well as my time management). This gives off the benefit of being able to understand the mistakes that I make and how I can be able to correct them to get better grades.


Of course, I have to listen to every lecture during class. Listening to everything that your lecturer will say will definitely help me pass CIU110; however, I must be willing to learn and listen because if i don’t, I will have a bad time. Dennis G. Jerz showed the tips from one of her students claiming that, “Approaching lectures with a positive attitude allows one to be open-minded and enables you to get the most out of the information presented. Make a conscious effort to pay attention. Concentrate on concentrating” (Jerz, 2001).So if we don’t listen, then we will not learn and we will miss critical or decisive information for future purposes.

Even if I try to successfully complete CIU110, how will this subject help me achieve my goals in the future? According to the website that I’ve recently researched, Monica Fuglei said that Glenda Faye Pryor Johnson, a Memphis parent writer, identified four qualities that children develop whenever they finish their homework: responsibility, time management, perseverance, and self-esteem. These four qualities help students become high-achievers (Fuglei, 2016). So whenever I accomplish my assignments in CIU110, I not only learn, but I also develop my effort into learning the subject. That way, I can be able to develop my learning skills and my critical thinking skills for future use (either for story-telling or for educational purposes).






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