“Pirate’s Gold” Pre-Production

Last week, I was given an assignment to work on a 3D animated project codenamed the “Pirate’s Gold.” As I have learned through the weeks of college, I know that it is important to know the production pipeline. First off, I started my project by initiating the pre-production. I came up with the plans and started putting them into scratch.


My first goal was to come up with a design for the treasure chest and use it with a layout for the scripted commercial. In doing so, I first made a simple design of my treasure chest that was inspired from the chest design from a popular video game series known as “Borderlands.”

Borderlands chest.png

The chest is long and different from all the other treasure chests. It almost looks like a coffin, but it includes with a handle. The top lid is not round, but almost rectangular. The left and right sides of the treasure chest is triangular because I wanted it to be different from other chests.





After making the design of the treasure chest, I had to think of the layouts for the storyboard, see where the camera should be pointing at, and how the chest should be positioned and reenacted. The environment for this project will be set in an island filled with sand, grass, and palm trees. There will also be some crabs that will be part of the animation. The camera jumps over the grass to look at the sign, and then looks up as the treasure chest falls. The camera moves around and focuses on the treasure chest while the chest occasionally shakes. The camera stops in front of the chest and zooms in. The camera immediately zooms out when the chest jumps and opens. The chest then slowly lands and sprays out gold coins.




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