“Pirate’s Gold” Post-Production

Finishing up in the final stage of the production pipeline, I had to add some lights to the models before I render. I inserted only three lights, each with a different role for the shot. There is a key light, a light that shines the brightest upon the model. The fill light that reduces or lowers the deep shadows cast by the key light, which it should be on the opposite of the key light’s position. Rim or back light adds a little glow on the back or top of the 3D model to make it more realistic because if not, then the shadows will envelope around the model, and it will look bad. This way, I made the sequence a lot better.

Screenshot (11).png

Once I got the lighting right, I then checked the animation of my models in camera mode to see if the scenes will be good or if they can be adjusted. After a few adjustments and checks, I rendered the video into targas which gives me 250 files since the animation was about 250 frames (10 seconds). I imported the rendered files through image sequence into the software, “Premiere Pro,” for editing videos.

Screenshot (1).png

While I was editing my video, I added a background music, Spongebob Trap Remix “Krusty Krab,” that was made by Eugene the Dream and I also added sound effects to the video such as the falling whistle sound and metal thuds to make the scenes livelier. I added transition effects between the animated video and the title sequences.

Screenshot (12).png

After editing the video, I exported it as media and as h.264 (mp4) with highest rendered quality. Finally exporting the video, the whole project is finally done and I manage to learn a thing or two about animation. There’s going to be a bigger challenge next time, and I hope I will be able to pass and learn.   


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