Tank Project Part 1

Following the last weeks of our trimester, our lecturer wanted us to model a military tank. He wanted all of us to find and choose a blueprint of a tank online and show it to him for approval. I looked through the website called “the-blueprint.com,” and I found one tank that he approves called the “Type 28 (Chi Nu).type-3-chi-nu

Now that I have my blueprint of the tank, I can now start to model. I model first by adding a plane. I stretch them and arrange them before I proceed to modelling.In doing so, I click on the plane and modify it to UVW mapping. I then click on the keyboard “m” to open up the material list. I go to the diffuse check box, click on it and chose bitmap. After clicking bitmap, I chose the blueprint for the tank modelling. In doing so, it will show on my material list. I drag the blueprint into the plane and its shape is not sized properly. I go to the UVW mapping tab and clicked on bitmap fit. The blueprint picture formed into its proper size and image. Since it’s in the plane, it wont show everything. So if I want to adjust the picture on the plane, I open the sub tab, clicked on gizmo, and adjusted the picture while the plane remains still. After doing everything I repeat it again by duplicating and adjusting the picture from other planes. It will look like thisscreenshot-21screenshot-20Once the blueprints been set up, we make a box and position it according to the body of the tank. I had to check in every view on how the box will fit proportionally to each and every side. Of course, I can check the box’s position by making the box transparent. That way it will be easier for me to position the box properly.Screenshot (22).png



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