Tank Project Part 2: Modeling

After my last blog about having the setup of the blueprints and the box model, it was time for me to match the blueprints. In doing so, I first make my box transparent and then play around with the box to match with the right size of the blueprint. For example, I changed my box model into editable poly, and after doing so, I move around the vertices. I look at the left view and see how the model will fit with blueprint.Screenshot (24).png

As you can see here, I changed the shape of the box and matched instead with the tank’s shape. I also had to make sure to check on every view and angle so that I can know the right size and position.

Screenshot (25).pngIt was a bit difficult for me to handle because my blueprint of the tanks vary in size so it wasn’t all accurate. I also will like to explain that if I want to make the box have the same side and symmetry, I can actually modify the model to be symmetrical. First, I have to half the model by selecting the horizontal edges in the middle and click connect to make a middle vertical edge. I then select either left or right plane side of the model and delete to make a half. Second, I open the modifier panel and select symmetry. I check on mirror and adjusted the axis to see which side the half model will make a mirror duplicate. After having a duplicate mirror on the opposite side, I connect or merge the vertical edge with the other half of the model, letting me have the perfect symmetrical model (if needed to be quick and knowing the that the tank have the same sides.) I continue to make other features of the tank by not adjusting the vertices, but also beveling, extruding, and reshaping the model to make it almost look like a tank. As a result, this is what it looks like.Screenshot (27).pngIn some features of the tank, I did not add any symmetry but at least adjusted the model to the right shape according to the blueprint. It’s not a complete work yet and a lot of work is needed to be done, so I adjusted the model to make it look almost realistic, and then I added additional features for the tank. As a result, it came out looking like this.

Screenshot (28).pngSo far, I’m quite proud that I made it this far, but now that I have my modeling done, I can now move to unwrapping and texturing.


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