Tank Project Part 3: Unwrapping and Texturing

After having my modelling done and checking to see if the size is proportionally right, it is time for me to let my model have its skin, or in other words, its own textures. In order to add textures to my model, I have to first unwrap, which is to make the 3D part of the model flat and 2 dimensional. First of, I choose which feature of the tank that I will try to unwrap. After choosing the feature, I make that feature reset its form because without it, it will only tell me that its a normal box for example. I go to utilities and click reset Xform on the selected part of the tank. After resetting it, I open the modifier plane and clicked on unwrap UVW. It will bring out a tab with options involving the unwrap. I click on open UV editor and it will open a window looking like this

Screenshot (30).png

The editor shows the flattened planes of your model. As you can see here, it does not look organized and it does not look like it is easy to texture. How will I organize it? First, select on which plane of the model that I will take out from the box. When I choose the planes though, I had to make sure that the projections was set right. Depending on the plane’s position of the model, the planes can either be in an x, y, or z axis. Because if the planes are not projecting properly, the unwrap will look weird. After having the right plane projected, I move and drag the plane out of the box. I selected the plane, go to the tools tab and selected relax. It will give me an option having the planes relax to its proper shape. I then have the plane and the shape that I desire. After relaxing the object or plane, I repeat the same step to other features; however, after having the planes projected properly and relaxing, I had to select the same plane along with the other planes that already relaxed. I doing so, I click on relax again and it will give me the right shape and size along with each other. After having that done, I move the planes close together. My job now is to make the edges or the lines merge together to be as one object. When I merge or stitch the edges, I have to make sure the edges are close and can correspond with other edges. It will show me a blue color on the selected edge.

Screenshot (32).pngOnce I get the objects close, I click on stitch for them to combine and it will result as this

Screenshot (34).pngI click on relax and the object will form into its proper shape. I repeat the same step towards other planes. Once I’m done unwrapping according to how I want. I then organize the unwraps into looking like this.

Screenshot (31).pngLooking at the unwraps, you can tell that it’s ready to be textured. I did the same procedure to every other features of the model. I then merge the features into one big file and organized the unwraps accordingly. This is what I will get:

Screenshot (29).pngThis is how much I have in unwrapping. Once I have the unwraps ready, I go to photoshop, the graphic design software, to texturize the software. In order to texturize, I have to search online for textures that will suit well with my tank. I found the textures and started cropping the textures the shapes of the unwraps. I had to make sure the textures are properly assigned to the right unwraps. This is the result:

Screenshot (35).png

After texturing, I save the file as targa and open back to 3DS max. I open material list by clicking “m” and clicked the diffuse box to open the targa file. Once I had that set up, I drag the material textures into my tank and this is the result:


Now that I finish unwrapping and texturing, I move on to animating and video editing.


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