Tank Project 4: Animation and Video Editing

Now that my model is finally complete, i can set up the animation for it. I won’t be animating the tank itself, but only the camera view. First off. I have to set up the lights for my model. I always put up three lights, the key light, fill light, and back light. The key light is the main source of light and it shines the brightest. The fill light helps lighten the shadows. The back light helps illuminate the model from behind.


Once I got the lights set up, I added a camera and animated it to look around the tank. It’s a very simple procedure. First, I make sure the animation will be in pal and in 25 frames per second. Next, I click on auto key and click the big plus sign next to it. While in auto key, I move the frame bar at any number of frames. After setting the frame bar, I move the camera around the tank. One by one, I move the camera’s position as well as the frame bar. As a result, it let me  have a complete animation till the end. Once I’m done animating, I start rendering the animation and the tank at high quality. It saves in frames according to the number of frames that you set up. The files were already saved, and it was time for me to compile it in a video. I use Premiere Pro as a video editing software. When I open premier pro, I import the first frame of the animation but as numbered still. Numbered still helps bring the entire animation into one file as I import.

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 1.38.41 PM.jpg

I also add titles for introduction and for ending the video. I also added a background for my animation. In premiere pro it video and audio layers, so you can be able many clips or videos and place them behind or in front of each other. I put the background in video layer 1 so that it will stay behind the tank model animation. I added a background music called “Prepare for the end” by Epic Score. To make my video livelier, I added video transitions that will help my video flow well when switching another clip. For bonus, I added an example of my works such as the texturing and the unwraps. I can resize the clips however I want. Finally, I exported and saved the entire video in pal and in high quality. This then shows that I am finally done with my project.



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