ANI220 Week 13: Showcase

Few days ago, I was working on the post -production of compiling the clips and the rendered scenes with the sound effects into a video. The day after that, it was finally the day of showcase. I came as soon as I can to the showcase and helped prepared the video before people come into our campus. The video was not ready yet while I was preparing it. I showed the video to my lecturers the work I made so far, and they suggested that I should extend the standoff frame from the beginning till the middle of Toro stopping from his leap. They also suggested that I change the color contrast of the standoff scene to show that the characters are being filmed and to help give off a cinematic vibe. The color contrast was mostly changed on the red and blue contrast. Here is what my first edit was looked like:

Screenshot (628).png


And this is the edit that my lecturer helped made:

Screenshot (627).png

As soon as we were done preparing the video, the behind the scenes video, and our marketing, people came in one by one and checked other projects made by animation students. When one person came to our table and checked our video, the person loved how the animation was well done. The person even claimed that my animation was better than the ones others made. One by one, people came to our table, watched our video, and gave feedbacks. Aside from our animations, the only things that needed work was to add visual effects such as the sand dust and some audio that needed improvement. Here are the feedbacks made by the audience:


Overall, everyone enjoyed the humor, the animation, and the story behind it. It made me a bit more confident about my animation skills and I hope to improve more in the future.

Here is the video of our commercial that we showcased:


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