ANI230 Pre-Production Week 1: A New Project


After passing the commercial project from my last trimester, I’ve been given a new project with my new team to shoot a film and add visual effects or CGI.

My team and I discussed with one another and brainstorm ideas of what the story of our film should be about. I came up with an idea that tells a story about a young man spending his quality or lovely time with his wife. Everything was going fine and romantic until his wife starts to disintegrate. Everything around the young man is erasing itself including himself. The young man wakes up only to realize that it was all just a virtual reality simulation. I made a storyboard on how I imagine the story will go.

In the first panel, the story shows the wife just looking over her laptop (perhaps even a virtual device. Next, a little robot servant approaches towards the wife and surprises her with a tray of a delicious meal. The robot gives the meal to her and the wife looks at her husband, leaning on the wall while holding out two drinks. The husband walks towards her wife and sits next to her on the couch. The husband tells her happy anniversary and gives her one of the drinks. The couple then interacts with each other. After the husband drinks, the wife starts to disintegrate along with everything else around them. After the wife disintegrates, the husband starts to fade as well and finally wakes up and finds himself sitting along on a strange chair in an empty room.  

We came up with concepts on what visual effects to provide in the story. Here are the concepts of what I made

This is my design of the helmet. The helmet covers most of his head while the area in his eyes is visually holographic.

This is the design that I came up with for the robot. The robot is small and is capable of hovering around. Its face is a screen that changes its expressions digitally.

Next week, my team and I will be looking on the final changes of our project.  





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