ANI230 Week 2: Pitch

From the past week, my team and I introduced our pitch and our ideas to our lecturer. The lecturers liked our idea of having the character’s whole life as a simulation, but they wanted us to fix how the characters will interact with each other. This is the storyboard that we showed during the pitch:

storyboard ver.5 part 1

storyboard ver.5 part 2The story that my team and I made up, tells about a husband who comes home early to surprise his wife with a bouquet of flowers. They hug each other out and the husband tells his wife that he has gotten his promotion. After announcing his special news, he hears an alarming sound that there is an error. He then notices that everything around him starts to disintegrate including his wife. He then wakes up only to realize that it was all just a virtual reality simulation.

Our lecturer then told us that aside from how the characters interact, he didn’t understand why a perfectly, well-built simulation has an error. After hearing his criticism, our lecturer recommended us to add in our story that there is a limited time in using a simulation like when people insert coins to play in the arcade for a limited time.

This is the virtual room concept that I made from what my team imagined the scene would look like:

Virtual concept room 2.jpg

And this is also the concept of the virtual head set that one of my team members made:


In the coming week, my team and I will be finalizing on the story and provide a final animatic of where our camera will be placed and positioned.



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