ANI210 Week 2: Pitch & First Task

This week in studio class, after preparing our new ideas for our game, my team and I presented our new detailed pitch to our lecturers. We called ourselves the Darkwood Studios and our horror game will be known as Necrophobia.

Screenshot (326).png

Everyone in my team, both animation and game programming students, presented their part well. I helped explain about the story of the game while the others explained about the features, the concepts, the characters, and how the game will be programmed. In our game, players will play as our character named Johnathan and they must find seven pieces of the relic around the forest, but along the way, they will have to avoid monsters that patrol around the area. The players will be forced to take different routes in order to stealthily avoid contact with the monsters or else the players will be chased and be killed.

After presenting our pitch, our lecturers explained to us that we needed to reduce any animation that acts as a cutscene and told us that we need to add something more to the game that will not bore the players or look too simple. I may not be a game designer, but it is my job to give players continuous challenges, each of which that leads to another challenge, and to keep the players hooked on playing the game. Overall, we did well presenting our pitch.

After receiving feedback from the lecturers, I gathered my team and discussed with them on what to add in the game. I decided and suggested that we should make the map have a maze path and the trees will act as walls in the game. We also decided to add a special pickup item such as the axe, which will act as a key to unlock hidden areas. We were given a task then to make thirty detailed concepts of our props, concepts of pickups and concepts for the characters. We all made a list of props to draw and hand out the list to see who will draw this or that. I told my team to draw all the given tasks that they have received before the deadline. I believe that managing our time and getting the work done will help us stay on top of our tasks and get more work done.

At the end of the week, here are some of the few examples that I made so far:

GrassStone MonumentWebWood axe

And here is a character that one of my team members drew:

Wendigo concept.jpg

We had to draw them in a quarter perspective and include them in our art bible for our upcoming showcase. We all did well in our part as we plan to model them in the next upcoming week.




ANI210 Week 1: Introduction

After going through trials of studies and assignments, I was finally able to pass and continue in a whole new trimester. I am now attending a special three-day class called Studio (ANI210). 

Back to class for animation, my objective and assignment for this trimester is to make a game. My classmates and I are assembled randomly into different groups. My group is consisted of six animators, including myself, and two game programmers. I did not care who I was working with because I believe that if the group works together as a team and always help each other out, the project and the workflow would go smoothly. That way we can understand each other and see what we are capable of. As the article about the importance of teamwork said, “A team that works well together understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member” (Root, n.d.).

All the group members voted me as their leader; in fact, my lecturer even chose me without giving a second thought. Having been chosen as the group’s leader, I am determined to make sure that the project would become a huge success, and I believe that this would be a great opportunity to develop myself. As Ashley Fern said in her blog and article, “To be successful, you need to have a deep understanding of what holds value to you” (Fern, 2013). Knowing what my goal is, I start developing my belief for the project and find ways to work on it effectively.

After brainstorming ideas for our game, my group and I decided to make a Japanese themed horror game. We pitched the idea to our lecturers and received feedback that our pitch is good. They also told us that we just need to know how the monsters will act or respond during the game. After receiving feedback, we were given an assignment to make a presentation according to our pitch next week. We needed to include details for the game such as the background story, concepts, and how the A.I. will be programmed. I gave each member of my team a task on what to work on, and I made sure to check on my team members and help them in any way possible. As a team leader, it is my job to help my team and help them work efficiently.

As for now, I hope to make the game fun with the help of my team.


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Overview of Critics, Reviewers, and Journalists

In week 11 of CIU111, I was given a new perspective of how critics or reviewers behave and how they are important for your career.

At first, I thought criticism is a negative response to your work; however, in creative media, it is neither a negative or a positive response. Rather, it is a thoughtful analysis of your creative work.

Many figures in history has developed a proper meaning and purpose of criticism. For example, Strabo did not only criticize the temple of Artemis’s geographic area specifics, but also the quality of the construction. Procopius criticized Constantinople’s Hagia Sofia not with just the description of the construction, but also described the experience when observing the construction. When years passed by, criticism were feared upon people especially in art museums because many artists or the people responsible in museums were afraid that their reputation would be ruined by the critics’ negative response.

However, I learned that criticism is very important and should be valuable to the people when given an objective reaction. It does not only show the truth, but it also provides a meaningful response. This is what Caitlin Quain said in her article, “I have come to realize that accepting criticism and using it to make you work better is too valuable of a resource to not take advantage of” (Quain, 2016).

Image result for criticism gif

(“Funny GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY”, n.d.)

I also learned that reviews are very different from criticism because reviews can only describe how the work is done well or how it is poorly done.

To be a critic or a journalist, I learned that you need to have enough knowledge to know of what you are criticizing and enough sense or sensibility to judge other people’s work.

In some time of our career, there will always be a time when we will someday encounter a journalist. To have a good interaction with journalists, I learned that it is important to research or know more about them. It is important to know what your journalist write about, the publications he/she post, and his/her target, so that you can be prepared to give off an impression according to how you want your journalist to view you. Of course, it is important to make your interaction with your journalist comfortable and not awkward.



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Collaborating with Fans as a Content Creator

During my week 10 lecture of CIU111, I learned about who my potential fans are, and the ways of collaborating with your fans.

I learned that my fans are not only the ones who enjoy my work, but those who wish to learn about my skills or those who wish to support me, but not my creative work. My interaction and communication to the fans is also important because it shows how much I care about them. It also brings my fans to continue to support me. Allie Lewis said that, “When they see that you have taken the time to notice them and hear what they have to say, they will realize that they are important to you and you value them, making them more likely to remain happy with your company” (Lewis, 2014).

Image result for fans gif

(“Animated gifs – Daniel Boud | Sydney Photographer”, n.d.)

I soon learned that there are ways of having my fans to help support in my career. Through crowdfunding services (such as Patreon), fans can support me by funding or donating their money to support my work or project. However, this cannot work without having a community of fans who can help spread my popularity through networking. Through networking, my fans can spread about my work towards other people outside of my network; thus, promoting my work and allowing my work to become well-known to the world (Fan marketing). Of course, it is important to know that as a celebrity, one must reward his/her fans for their support and funding.

Image result for crowdfunding gif

(Knibbs, 2015)

Another way of having my fans to collaborate or be involved in one of my projects is through fan approval and fan response. Through them, fans can help give out their opinions on what they think is best for my work to become a success. This will help me process my fan’s opinions and what I think is best for my project; as a result, it will help me be decisive. In the article about accepting other people’s differences, Jeff Durham said that, “Listening to other’s opinions doesn’t mean you have to deviate from your own firmly held viewpoint, although a diverse opinion to your own can sometimes make you think about things in a different light” (“Accepting Other Peoples Differences”, 2017).

Image result for listening to opinions gif

(“”, n.d.)

Finally, if I want to involve my fans into collaborating with me, I can set up a co-production where fans can help me and contribute their effort into building the project. As one would say, “A collaborative workplace naturally cultivates a sense of community within an organization” (“The Importance of Collaboration in Today’s Workplace | elcom”, 2016). This will help me set up a special relationship with the fan community and allow the fans to know that their support was helpful and appreciated.




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Importance and Techniques of Interview

During my week 4 class of CIU111, I learned from my lecturer about the interview techniques and the importance of being interviewed when pursuing a career or a job. I also learned that there can be unexpected situations that I must identify and be prepared when being interviewed by my potential employer. I have been given new ideas and perspective of what would a real interview be like.

First part when being interviewed is having an interview through a phone call. Sure, there will be those obvious questions regarding your experience or why your employer should hire you, but I also realized that it is good to make the interview as informal as possible so that the interview between the employer and the job seeker will be natural. I also learned that it is good to ask during the interview because it shows that you are interested in working for the company. In fact, Michael Roberts said in his article that, “Your questions tell the hiring manager that you have considered the position to the extent that you have exhausted the resources that you can find” (Roberts, 2017).

Cat GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY (“Cat GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY”, n.d.)

It is also good to show your enthusiasm and knowledge for the job or role that you wish to partake in during your interview because it will attract your employer into thinking that you will love your job and get the work done. As it says, “Show motivation and convince a recruiter that you fit the organization’s culture and job description, and you get that much closer to an offer” (“Preparing for Interviews | Career Services”, n.d.).

(“25 GIFs That Perfectly Express How Excited We Are for Spring Read more”, 2014)

I recently learned that when applying for a job, there will always be sneaky questions that will test your personality. For example: If you were a part of a sandwich, what would you be and why? This will help me in testing myself on how I can be able to handle unexpected situations or scenarios; thus, showing which position I can be in the creative media industry. One would say that, “Whatever your line of work, there will be times when you will need to be able to communicate difficult information effectively to others. This is an important employability skill, something that many employers will look for” (“Communication in Difficult Situations | SkillsYouNeed”, n.d.).



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Importance of Social Media


In my week 4 class of CIU111, I learned the importance of having a social media as your professional identity and how it is important for your future career. I always thought that social media was just only a way of reaching out to your friends. That was until my class gave me a whole new perspective of having social media as part of my career and a way of representing myself to the world.

Animation GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

(“Animation GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY”, n.d.)

I learned in my class that having a social media can help me promote myself and my works online. Having to post my works will allow people to identify who I am and give valuable feedbacks that will help me become a better content creator. Of course, it is important to share other people’s work as a way of promoting and respecting others in social media. As a result, I am creating an engagement and a community to my viewers. As Amy Jo Martin, New York Times bestselling author, would say, “Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage” (“Amy Jo Martin Quotes”, n.d.).

(“ClipartFest”, n.d.)

My class taught me that I should respond to social media the way I am and the position I am comfortable in; in fact, I should be outgoing. I shouldn’t act too professional online, but be honest of who I am at most situations. As one would say, “Honesty is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings. If you want people to know who you really are, be honest in your self-expression” (“10 Benefits of Being Honest”, 2013).

(“”, n.d.)

Having a social media presence will help me get in touch with workers from media industries. Connecting with a professional will help me be prepared for my future career; in fact, Dawn Rosenberg McKay said that, “you must gather information about the occupations you are considering. One of the best ways to learn about an occupation is to conduct an informational interview with someone who is currently working in it” (McKay, 2016). This way, by conversating with a professional, I can be able to receive tips and insights of working in the media industry.



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My Professional Identity in Creative Media


In my class that talks about the overview of the creative industry (CIU111), I learned what it was like to work in creative media and how much it will help me perfect my creative skills. I also gained a perspective of how working in the media industry has its ups and downs. This lesson helped me understand the position I am in and how I should be prepared for my future.

In the media industry, it is good to be someone who helps innovate and encourage ideas within the company (entrepreneurism). This will help benefit not only your professional profile, but also the industry you work in.  


(“Innovation GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY”, n.d.)

I learned that having short, precarious work would result in taking on different variety of assignments. It may create a very exhausting work flow, but it will also help me adapt to different working styles.

Having to work only for low pay or income helps set an idea of sacrificial ethos when people work because they love their job and the things they do. Philip Ryan, director of E-Edge of Vivaldi Partners Group said that, “It’s becoming increasingly important to love your job or industry. As the lines between working life and personal life blur, a job is as much about personal fulfillment and growth, as it is about a paycheck. People don’t want to make widgets, they want to change lives, including their own” (Taylor, 2017).

(“Bustle”, n.d.)

Having long hours of work while enjoying what you’re doing can be pleasant and healthy. Even though there are long hours of work, it will help me develop my time management and a balanced work flow.  

(“Step Up Leader”, n.d.)

I learned that working in a media industry can be pressuring because there can sometimes be knowledge changes or technology developments. To embrace a new experience, I must go through DIY or Do It Yourself learning so I can be able to keep up with the new development. This will also help me make effort to learn or become interested to new ideas. Ani Alexander said that, “You grow and learn new things every time something changes. You discover new insights about different aspects of your life” (Alexander, 2017).

Work environment in media is informal and diverse. This allows me to know that I can reach out to different kinds of people and share the creativity with one another, thus helps build up team relationship. In fact, Josh Greenberg said that, “A diverse workforce that feels comfortable communicating varying points of view provides a larger pool of ideas and experiences. The organization can draw from that pool to meet business strategy needs and the needs of customers more effectively” (Greenberg, n.d.).



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