ANI210 Pre-Production Week 2: Pitch & First Task

This week in studio class, after preparing our new ideas for our game, my team and I presented our new detailed pitch to our lecturers. We called ourselves the Darkwood Studios and our horror game will be known as Necrophobia.

Screenshot (326).png

Everyone in my team, both animation and game programming students, presented their part well. I helped explain about the story of the game while the others explained about the features, the concepts, the characters, and how the game will be programmed. In our game, players will play as our character named Johnathan and they must find seven pieces of the relic around the forest, but along the way, they will have to avoid monsters that patrol around the area. The players will be forced to take different routes in order to stealthily avoid contact with the monsters or else the players will be chased and be killed.

After presenting our pitch, our lecturers explained to us that we needed to reduce any animation that acts as a cutscene and told us that we need to add something more to the game that will not bore the players or look too simple. I may not be a game designer, but it is my job to give players continuous challenges, each of which that leads to another challenge, and to keep the players hooked on playing the game. Overall, we did well presenting our pitch.

After receiving feedback from the lecturers, I gathered my team and discussed with them on what to add in the game. I decided and suggested that we should make the map have a maze path and the trees will act as walls in the game. We also decided to add a special pickup item such as the axe, which will act as a key to unlock hidden areas. We were given a task then to make thirty detailed concepts of our props, concepts of pickups and concepts for the characters. We all made a list of props to draw and hand out the list to see who will draw this or that. I told my team to draw all the given tasks that they have received before the deadline. I believe that managing our time and getting the work done will help us stay on top of our tasks and get more work done.

At the end of the week, here are some of the few examples that I made so far:

GrassStone MonumentWebWood axe

And here is a character that one of my team members drew:

Wendigo concept.jpg

We had to draw them in a quarter perspective and include them in our art bible for our upcoming showcase. We all did well in our part as we plan to model them in the next upcoming week.




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